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I hear you want to earn some money. What do you say about the statistics below? It is my stats for 3 months on an AWE whitelabel, if I can do it you can also when you become an adult paid affiliate! What you have to do is very simple. You can either:

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Statistics for my account

Does it sound difficult? If you are here I suppose you already know a little bit about webmastering. To be an adult working webmaster is not so different, you just need to get traffic and clicks and then the money will flow. As you see my ratio is one sale per 403 unique visitors, so it is not so bad. But note that this traffic is SEO only, no bought traffic! If you buy popunders or skimmed traffic you might be lucky, but the ratios will look very very different, I suppose you might make one sale pr 10.000 visitors. And it might even be less on a rainy day. I have tried a lot but SEO traffic is easiest to convert, you get motivated gentlemen looking for some hot action willing to spend a few dollars. Click here to become an adult cam WEBMASTER and earn money from the growing web cam business.

You can get paid by good old paper check, wire transfer or Paxum, the latter is what I prefer. They pay every 2 weeks. Who uses checks still? Last one I saw was in the 1980's if I recall correct. Paxum can send EFT tansfers to your bank for a fee of $5 only, I use that for the AWE and Cambuilder earnings. That makes it easier to pay my taxes. The tax office does not take credit cards.

If you want to be a cam model, check out the BongaCams cam model signup site and start earning mony as a performer. It is one of the biggest site for models, but I think they pay all to little to webmasters.

That is really all there is to it! Read a little bit in the forums like to get a hang on how to be an adult sites webmaster. But first, sign up for AWE using the links above and prepare for some serious money coming your way.